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Hangover Lounge IV Wellness

In home and in clinic IV treatments

Wellness & vitality to keep you feeling at your prime.

There has never been a better time to blast your body back in to balance with essential vitamins! Feeling sluggish or recovering from cold? Jump-start your day with an energy boosting vitamin cocktail.

Only about 20-30% of the nutrients we eat are absorbed into the body. The rest are lost in the digestion process. Vitamins infused directly into the bloodstream via an IV are 100% absorbed. This makes you feel great almost immediately!

In villa/home/hotel services available, lay back poolside and get energised or go visit them at the lounge!  25% off all in clinic appointments for all KITAS, KITAP and KTP holders.

Western standard medical professionals, doctor services also available.

In Clinic

In Home

Doctor Service Available

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