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This is a story that starts and starts again with Chef Bruno.

Long before he became Bali’s James Bond of Pork Ribs, he was a little French boy who had a restaurateur for a mother and a butcher for a father. In a small village in Brittany, Chef Bruno began it all when he finally let go. 

At 16, after two years of culinary education, he started humbly by peeling potatoes and washing dishes, not at the Fortin family restaurant that he was expected to take over, but away on his own. As if on a dare, he told himself that to grow, he had to be free. And so he developed his expertise far away from home, working at various kitchens in London, Geneva, Paris, Bermuda, and Washington, DC, where he opened his own restaurant, Bistrot Lepic, in 1995. 

With the freshest, quality ingredients, Chef Bruno created magic. A culinary approach that remains with him to this day – whether he’s working on a fine duck confit or a slab of ribs - it’s always about highlighting innate deliciousness. 

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