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Farm Fresh Boxes and reduced menu available

Go local and stay home!

As the catalysts between local producers and discriminating diners, Ray and Eelke’s ingredient-driven menu celebrates the farmers, fishers and food artisans of Indonesia. Through these ongoing relationships, they ensure their guests the freshest of seasonal produce and ethically fed meat animals. And by working closely with local farmers, Locavore supports sustainability within its community. 

They have been busy thinking of ideas how to act supportively for those around us during this difficult time that we almost forgot the people that made our business possible in the first place: the farmers! 

These men and women have continued to plant and harvest their crops but are now about to see a huge drop in demand from restaurants, cafes and hotels slowing down or closing. They are going to be stuck with a lot of their beautiful produce in over supply and is perishable and will go to waste. That is a crying shame and we simply cannot let that happen…. And it’s a great way to help you have nutritional and healthy fresh food at home. 

They prepare beautiful and delicious boxes twice a week (Every Monday and Friday) - 3 sizes and prices - single person (90k), 2 people (150k) and a family of four (250k). 

Available for collection in Local Parts (their little neighborhood butcher shop) or we can come and deliver to your home (Ubud only or pay extra for larger distance delivery).

Each box is our recommendation based on what’s available, however they will communicate with each customer what’s in the box and if there are preferences we adjust the contents accordingly (Image of box is just an example). 

All produce grown on the island by farmers we know and trust (that means we like to believe it is as organic as possible) 

Reuseable woven basket ‘boxes’ that you return with each new box pick up/ delivery. 

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