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Clean AF Handy Soap and Sanitizer... And so much more!

Keeping you covered with their Clean AF range.

Republic of Soap make many amazing and custom products but what we love right now is their Clean AF range and especially a product called Handy Gel - it's made to clean/sanitize hands without drying them out. It contains a much higher grade of alcohol than regular hand sanitizers (regular hand sanitizers use a mid-grade alcohol of 70% purity, at a percentage of about 70%).

The base of the product is a modified Aloe Vera Gel, that is thickened, so that when then mixed with the alcohol - it still remains in gel format that is easy to spread/use. The scent is uplifting citrus - which consists of Tea Tree essential oil (which is known for antiviral effectiveness), Cold Pressed Lemon essential oil (also great for killing germs) and Lemon Yuzu Oil which is a very perky and happy scent.

• CleanAF Hand Sanitizer Gel provides a sterile solution without the need for water.

• Powerfully effective - kills bacteria in under 30 seconds, inactivates #viruses in under 2 minutes, and kills yeast and fungi.

• Contains cosmetic-grade conditioners and moisturisers, plus aloe vera to not irritate sensitive skin.

• Non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-cumulative in the eco-system, making it environmentally friendly.

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