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Ziburu Cucina Italiana

Regional Italian food

Made-from-scratch regional Italian cuisine.

Since opening its doors in 2012, Zibiru has garnered a strong loyal following with its made-from-scratch regional Italian cuisine from Executive Chef Luigi Calcagno. There is a bit of everything for everyone, from food enthusiasts to wine lovers, jazz music fans to romantics looking for intimate dining and low conversation. It’s a unique meeting point for the five senses, providing a little oasis from the noise and activity in Seminyak.

Guests can taste the splendor of Italy's various regions all under one roof—the menu showcases the best offerings from the field and market—pastas are handcrafted from scratch, bread and pastries are homemade daily, fresh meat and fish arrive daily, and vegetables are harvested locally from premium providers. Zibiru also cures their own fish and meat and makes their own cheese. The special takeaway /delivery menu comes frozen in sterilized, vacuum-sealed sous vide bags with long shelf lives: 3 months frozen or 2-5 days after thawed. Perfect for stocking up!

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